To the Best of my Ability

To Ease A Key into a Lock 1. To Ease A Key into a Lock


Come And Have A Bite 2. Come And Have A Bite
I’ll Be Late 3. I’ll Be Late
Sun’s Are Moving 4. Sun’s Are Moving
Red-Faced 5. Red-Faced
I Love A Mouse 6. I Love A Mouse
Who Cares ! 7. Who Cares !
Don’t Be Muddled Up 8. Don’t Be Muddled Up
I Have The Feeling that 9. I Have The Feeling that
Thirty Years Old 10. Thirty Years Old
To Be Blaze 11. To Be Blaze
I Leave It 12. I Leave It
Composed, played and mixed by Bruno Sylvestre – © 1994
Mastering by Christian Guggenbühl
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